Yellow Fashion – Top Pins of the Week

The color yellow is so sunny and bright. It represents optimism and hope, so it’s no wonder “Mimosa” (a shade of yellow) was 2009′s Pantone color of the year. A touch of yellow adds a level of cheeriness to an outfit. Take a look at this week’s top pins for ideas on how to wear yellow.

1. Preppy Polka-Dotted Pants

Polka-dotted pants are so preppy, in a good way. Reminds me of the stylish outfits from the J Crew catalogs and the stylish first lady, Ms. Obama.

5a3a46d622dbc43beb529c71bdf44cae2. Striped Tee & Blazer

They say that “imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.” I’ve seen this striped-tee-and-blazer so many times yet I still think it’s so trendy. If there were to be a uniform required for every woman, it’d be this outfit. Imitate away!


3. Twirly Skirt

Pull on a skirt with any top and you have yourself a twinkle of an outfit. Style tip: stick to soft yellows on bottom (like skirts and pants). Wearing pastels close to your face can wash you out.

ca810e8e936c3753bc7010875d6d21ac4. Structured Clutch

Accessorize yourself in yellow! (Mmm holding a banana doesn’t count.) A vibrant shade of yellow, like this structured clutch, can be worn all year long.


5. Butterfly Heels

Zz-z-z-za-za-za…what sound do butterflies make? Well this girl’s heels totally look like butterflies. The black side-wing accents and vivid yellow stilettos complements the peacock blue floral dress. Za-za-za!


Work in some yellow to brighten your style. Go bold with a pair of mustard pants or a twirly skirt, or accessorize with a fabulous clutch or a pair of heels. Bright like the sun, yellow will make you happy. So get to steppin!