What to Pack for a Vacation

Rice-a-Roni, the San Francisco treat. Oh oh ohhh… I’m superrrrr excited for the end of the month to roll around because I’m heading to San Fran! (Is it totally non-San Franciscan to call it “San Fran”?) It’s my first trip there but it’s somewhere I’ve always wanted to visit. Ok, I admit, I have been there – in the airport during a layover, but that doesn’t count. Anyways, I’m pumped because this will basically my little vacation. Mmhm, that’s right. Fun in the sun. Sunny 70-degree weather, I heart you! I’ll be dining in the gigantor Chinatown,  visiting the Golden Gate Park, and thrifting in the Mission District. Oh, so many things to do! Many of you are probably busy planning your own upcoming trips, but packing should be the least of your worries. Here’s what you should pack for your vacation:

what to pack for a vacation

1. Dress

Pack a dress that you can wear from day to night. A simple sheath dress in a bold color will do the trick!

2. Tops

A basic tee is essential which you can mix and match with everything in your bag. A flowy button-up shirt is also versatile and doubles as a lightweight jacket.

3. Bottoms

One pair of dark blue jeans and a printed skirt is all you need (keep the other bottoms at home). Pair em with either of your tops for easy looks.

4. Accessories

Load up on the jewelry, like some statement earrings and rings, which will add some sparkle to your outfits (plus won’t take much room in your bag). A cute hat will protect your eyes and add a stylish touch to your look. You’ll also need a colorful scarf to layer, and a convertible crossbody bag for day to night.

5. Shoes

Wear a pair of comfy sandals (like a wedge) for sightseeing, and some black pumps to dance the night away!

So tell me, what are your essentials to pack for a vacation?