What Necklace to Wear with a Wrap Dress


I have so many necklaces, oftentimes I just want to rotate through so I make sure I wear them all. But really, not all necklaces go with every outfit, and not all outfits call for one. Though one staple item every woman should have in her closet is a wrap dress. The wrap dress is a classic dress that can be worn to any occasion like to work at an office, during a day picnic, and even to catch up with a friend over coffee. The wrap dress is so versatile, a mix in accessories like a necklace can change the look. But what necklace goes with a wrap dress? Below are 4 different necklaces to wear with a wrap dress:

What Necklace to Wear with a Wrap Dress

Necklaces to Wear with a Wrap Dress:

1. Locket – Wear a delicate locket to add a touch of sweetness to a classic wrap dress.

2. Chains – Layer on some chains for a bit of an edgy look.

3. Pearls – Pull out your pearls to complete your classic ensemble.

4. Pendant – Try different pendants for a boho feel.

Tip for Choosing a Necklace to Pair with a Wrap Dress:

Length – The most important tip for choosing a necklace to pair with a wrap dress is to go for a length that falls at or below the neckline. Keep the v-neck line open to elongate and slim your body.

What do you think? What necklace do you think goes with a wrap dress? 

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