What I Want Now: Utility Jackets

Rain always puts a damper on my day frankly because I am limited on what I wear. Ever since I finished school, I realized I needed to clean up my look. How am I supposed to be taken seriously if I dress frumpy? On a rainy day like today, I always throw on my rain-coat-that’s-actually-a-ski-coat coat. The other options in my closet are wool coats, but those are not great in the rain and are too dressy. I am a tee-and-sneakers kind of girl, and pairing dressy wool coats with sneakers just do not go. What I really want is a utility jacket. It is a chic alternative to and definitely more versatile than the rain coat. The utility jacket is similar to the trench with its long-lean look and twill construction, but it is much more casual and hip. Utility jacket, field jacket, anorak, or parka. No matter the name, it is a must-buy.