Wear to Office – Top Pins of the Week

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We’ve reached sunny upper 70′s in Seattle, and in some parts 80! YAY! It’s a beautiful, lively city when it’s warm. We flock outdoors, peel off the layers and slip into our socks-and-sandals. YIKES! Well, just a rare few like me (just kidding!). As it gets warmer, it gets tempting to wear our spring and summer play-wear to work. Whether you work in an office or want to dress more chic, check out this week’s top pins. Here are pictures of a few women wearing nice outfits fit for the office. Get springin!

1. Stripes & Coral

Swap out your black or gray blazer for spring stripes! A splash of coral makes this a light and fun work outfit.

wear to office 2

2. Spring Citrus

There’s mustard yellow, canary yellow, and then there’s citronella. Neon colors are breathing new life into traditional women’s officewear. Wear neon in small doses like a pencil skirt or try it with a jacket.

wear to office 3

3. Pink Lemonade

Take your separates and do your own colorblocking. Coral and yellow reminds me of a tall glass of pink lemonade. Mmm…

wear to office 4

4. Nautical

Here’s a modern version of red, white and blue. The gold buttons on the double-breasted jacket adds to the nautical look.

wear to office 6

5. Polka Dots

What’s ultra feminine is wearing a polka-dot blouse with dark high-waisted pants. Unbutton a couple of buttons on your blouse for a light and loose feel.

wear to office 1

The sun is here and it’s getting nice and warm. Air out those springtime clothes and do work! Remember to dress appropriately to work while staying chic. Freshen up your officewear with colors like coral and citronella, or toss in a playful mix of colorblock, nautical, or polka dots. How do you dress for work in spring?