DIY: Turn Your Clutch Into a Crossbody


Small crossbody bags are THE fashion accessories, and why wouldn’t they be? They’re small, lightweight, comfortable, and fashionable. But wait! Don’t run out and buy yourself a crossbody bag when you can make your own, or just convert those clutches (or any handbag) you already own. Yeah, get the most bang for your buck with DIY fashion!

Here’s what you’ll need:

-creative juices
-chains, necklaces, ribbons, belts, or straps from another bag
-jump rings, safety pins, or keychains
-clutch or handbag


Here’s the fun part! Look at what you have and figure out how to put it together. The possibilities are endless, which makes your finished product that more unique.

Check out what I did:

DIY turn Clutch Into a Crossbody

Try this fashion trend by making it yourself.


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