Top Pins of the Week – Striped Tee for Spring

Stripeyyyy stripe! It’s safe to say every girl loves stripes. Every time I go shopping, I always hear someone say something like, “I just love stripes. I always gravitate towards them!” Me too. Me too. Stripes are a fun and easy print to wear and adds a major cute factor to any outfit. Just throw on a striped tee for an instantly cute outfit. Check out this week’s top pins of striped-tee outfits for spring.

1. Bold-Color Stripes

Seeing this picture, you’ll want to get a bold-colored striped shirt. I know I am! Usually I’m intimidated by colorful stripes because I’m not sure how to wear them, but it’s so cute layered underneath like with a jean jacket. Shopping tip: look for a colorful striped tee with bigger wider stripes.
striped tee spring 4

2. Pastel & Shorts

Pastels are so simple yet so adorable. Try a long-sleeve striped tee with soft pastel-colored shorts like in the pin below.

striped tee spring 1

3. Pleated Skirt

There are so many ways to wear a pleated skirt, and a striped tee is one way. Take a red-and-white striped tee for a little Parisian look.

striped tee spring 2

4. Work Skirt

Work outfits can be fun too! I like the peachy pink pencil skirt for spring, especially with a nice khaki trench. And the yellow clutch and necklace are nice pops of color!

striped tee spring 3

5. Stripes on Stripes

Mixing prints is still a big trend for this spring. Stripes-on-stripes counts as pattern mixing too. Style tip: play with proportions as pictured below. When wearing stripes-on-stripes, make the top stripes bigger and bolder in comparison to the bottom print.

striped tee spring 5

Stripes are a fun print to wear this spring! Mix in a striped tee with your outfit and you’ll look instantly stylish. The striped tee is like a basic tee, just with a versatile print. It comes in so many styles like bold colors and wide stripes, and is cute with spring pastel shorts, pleated skirts, and work skirts. You can even mix patterns by wearing stripes on stripes! How do you wear your striped tee for spring?