Top Pins of the Week – Stacked Bracelets

top pins of the week

The arm party is all the rage! You know, it’s the trend that’s taking layering to your arms. Pull out your stash of bracelets because you’ll be inspired to stack. My top pins of the week shows different ways to stack bracelets.

1. Pink & Gold

Pink and gold is such a pretty combo. The big feminine bow bracelet and the edgy spiked bracelet work together rather than compete with one another.

Source: via Joanne on Pinterest

2. Green & Gold

Either the green leather chain bracelet is one long wrap bracelet or three separate bracelets. But I like that it repeats itself and is stacked with other gold bracelets.

Source: via Joanne on Pinterest

3. Blue & Gold

The blue-and-gold watch and enameled bracelet are gorgeous. So glamorous, yet the wooden beads make them look more casual and very street chic.

Source: via Joanne on Pinterest

4. World Watch

What a cool watch! I want it! The rope bracelet and antique-y bracelet adds to the rustic look of the leather watch.

Source: via Joanne on Pinterest

5. Rose Gold & Gold

This is actually a pin of my arm! I got my gold stacked bracelets about 3 weeks ago and was looking to get a regular gold watch to match. But as I was trying on watches at the store, the rose gold was a nice  unexpected combo, and now I’m always looking at my blingin arm.

Source: via Joanne on Pinterest

The stacked bracelet trend is so fun and easy to wear. Take a bunch of your own bracelets in the same family color and mix them together or try mixing bracelets with a watch. The key is to keep bracelet metals the same color (like gold-on-gold versus gold-on-silver). How do you stack bracelets?