Top Pins of the Week – Rainy Day Outfits

top pins of the week

Hey all, hope you’re having a wonderful weekend! The rain’s been off and on this week in Seattle, but at this very moment the sun is shining through my window. WHOO! But of course, the dark rain clouds are looming and it’ll probably be raining later. And with spring coming up, I know a lot of you will be joining the rainy fashion club. Get with it!  So check out this week’s top pins of cute rainy-day outfits.

1. Pink & Mint

Ahhh the pink and mint action going here is adorbs! So fun and refreshing to see in a sea of dark black rain boots.


2. Hunter Green

Green is an awesome faux neutral that can be matched with any color. Getting inspired to mix lilac and green! So spring garden-y!


3. Dressed Up

Girl shows that you can dress up even in rain boots! I think it’s time to pull out my pearl necklaces.


4. Polka Dot It

I’ve seen some cute bubble umbrellas, but this has to be one of the cutest. Rainbow, polka dots, and everything nice!


5. Spat Rainboots

I’m MAD about her shoes! They look like spat rainboots. I want em! Where can I find them?


New season calls for a mix in fashion. What do you wear when it’s raining?