Top Pins of the Week – Orange in Fashion

[Craig Mack - "Flava in Ya Ear" REEEE-MIX] Here comes the brand new flava in ya GEAR. It’s still winter and it’s coldddd (stay warm snowy East Coasters). While the grey clouds cover the skies, it makes us wonder if spring is coming. Sad face :( One little thing I do to beat the winter blues is to paint my nails in bright colors. This week I’m going orange, which is warming me up to spring. Happy face! My choice of color was inspired by my recent Pinterest pins – orange in fashion.

1. Orange Shoes

One, two, buckle my shoe. A good pair of orange shoes is all you need if you want to ease into the trend.

Source: via Joanne on Pinterest

2. Bags, Too

A bright bag is another way to try orange. Double up like on the runways!

Source: via Joanne on Pinterest

3. Dotted Blouse

AHH what a cute blouse! So much more fun than traditional white blouses, and you can totally pull it off for the office under a blazer.

Source: via Joanne on Pinterest

4. Striped Skirt

Love the big dispersed-dot shirt and the pretty sheer skirt. And the big belt pulls the two pieces together.

Source: via Joanne on Pinterest

5. Floral Shorts

Mmm the flowers are very spring, while the rich orange screams, “SUMMAAA!” Especially stylish with an accessory that pulls color from the outfit, like the purple bag which matches the flowers in the shorts.

Source: via Joanne on Pinterest


Let’s keep our spirits up through winter. Put a smile on your face by wearing some bright orange. Try on a pair of shoes or a bag; or try a lovely blouse, skirt, or shorts. Wearing orange will help beat your winter blues. What orange fashion style will you wear?