Top Pins of the Week – Girls in Baseball Caps


Batter up! Baseball season is starting March 31st. I had to search that, but I do like the look of baseball caps. Us girls can wear em too! We don’t need to be baseball fans to wear a sporty hat, or even need to be a ball player. This week’s top pins star stylish women in baseball caps.

1. All-American Girl

Round up the boyfriend blazer, button-up shirt, and sneakers for a casual All-American look. It’s a great outfit to hang out with the boys or play in the park.


2. Collegiate

Transform the blazer-and-cap to collegiate style with a tweed blazer and rugby-striped scarf. (Whenever I see rugby-striped scarves I think of Harry Potter and pubs!)


3. Corporate

Steal this look! Baseball caps with office-wear is probably a fashion faux pas, but sometimes rules need to be broken.


4. Skater Girl

["Barbie Girl" Tune] I’m a skater girl, in a skater world. This outfit is casual from top to bottom, but she’s looking fab with her long wavy her and red lips.


5. Street Fighter Chic

This girl’s outfit is the bomb KA-POW! She’s got her electric blue hat to go with her comic print gear.


Girls, sport a baseball cap! The sporty hat is cute with all styles. Stay fly whether you’re going for the All-American, collegiate, corporate, skater, or street look. How do you wear a baseball cap?