Top Pins of the Week – Denim Shirt Styles

Okay, quick quiz: What’s the difference between a a chambray shirt and a denim shirt? The chambray is lighter weight, while the denim is a bit thicker. Now you know. [PSA "star floating away" music] I actually have both types of shirts (thanks mom and Midori!) and they look really similar. Seeing as how I have two, I have double the reason to wear em. And Pinterest, oh Pinterest. It’s screaming, “Here’s different ways to wear a chambray shirt!” Okay Pinterest, I’ll try these outfits. You’ll be wearing your chambray more, once you see these great styles.

1. Denim on Denim

The secret to pulling off denim-on-denim is to have two contrasting shades of denim. Light on top and dark on bottom (like pictured below), or dark on top and light on bottom. A cute colored belt helps too!

Source: via Joanne on Pinterest

2. Colorful Skirt

A denim shirt is a wonderful blank canvas to build on a look. Get a new outfit with the change of a skirt.

Source: via Joanne on Pinterest

3. Party Sequins

…or a dress! Jessica Szohr (my favorite gal on “Gossip Girl”) shows how to wear a sequin skirt/dress again.

Source: via Joanne on Pinterest

4. Shirt & Sweater

Layering a light chambray under a sweater keeps the shirt-sweater combo casual.

Source: via Joanne on Pinterest

5. Leather Jacket

Leather is totally appropriate for spring if it’s in a lighter color like cognac brown or soft gray. Try styling it with a lightweight chambray with the cuffs folded over the jacket, like this girl.

Source: via Joanne on Pinterest

Denim shirt or chambray shirt, you’ve got a shirt you can transform. Wear it with a skirt or dress; or wear under a sweater or jacket. And if you just wanna pair it with your jeans, that’s totally stylin too. Just remember to contrast the color of your top from your bottom. I’m inspired by these outfits! How bout you? How do you plan on wearing your chambray shirt?