Top Pins of the Week – Coat-on-Coat Layering

top pins of the weekWow, it’s already February! The days are wonderfully longer and it was sunny yesterday. Yay sun! We got through the worst of winter here in Seattle but it’s definitely still cold (oh east coasters, I’m feelin for yall). If layering just regular clothes isn’t enough to keep you warm, layer on your coats. Check out this weeks top pins of fashionable examples on how to layer coats.

1. Bright-Colored Coat & Camel Coat

A bright-colored coat really brightens up your day. The woman pictured below cleverly takes an oversized short-sleeve coat and pairs it with a simple camel coat.
coat on coat layering color

2. Tweed Coat & Camel Coat

Some people might shy away from tweed because it looks more like it’s mature and reminds us of the great 70′s, but tweed is stylish for all ages. The texture and pattern is similar to chevron print, but in a fine print. Similar to the pin below, tweed is a great brown neutral which matches with about everything.
coat on coat layering tweed camel

3. Maroon Peacoat & Leather-Sleeve Fur Coat

I like this girl’s leather-sleeved fur coat. It transforms her outfit and makes it look very rock glam. Without it, the maroon peacoat and the rest of the outfit would look hipster.
coat on coat layering maroon leather

4. Leather Jacket & Fur Coat

This girl must be super warm because she’s rockin a leather jacket and a fur coat. Her outfit is so cute and simple to recreate.
coat on coat layering leather fur

5. Army Jacket & Fur Coat

Here’s another pin of layering on a fur coat but in black. The green army jacket underneath gives this all black outfit some color without competing with the fur coat.
coat on coat layering army fur

It may be February but it’s definitely still winter cold. When layering on the sweaters just isn’t enough, toss on another coat. It’ll create a whole new look for your layered outfits, and you can say, “Top that ‘layering masters’! I got coats on coats.”