Top Pins of the Week – Asian-Modeled Fashion

Hey guys, sorry I’ve been super sick. I was just getting over a cold with a cough that wouldn’t stop, and all of a sudden I got hit with the flu. Major crums-ville! I’ve been on bed rest for the past couple of days but that gave me the chance to get back into Korean dramas. I may be a little biased being Asian myself, but I think Asian women are absolutely gorgeous. So this week, I’m sharing my favorite pins featuring Asian-modeled fashion.

1. Elle Vietnam

What a gorgeous colorful maxi dress! I’m not sure where this photo was taken but it’s from Elle Vietnam which reminds me of my hot and humid days studying abroad in Ho Chi Minh City. I was walking through the city one day (on my way to do some major touristy stuff – shopping, of course) and witnessed my first high-fashion photoshoot.

Source: via Joanne on Pinterest

2. Vogue Italia

For the cover of Vogue Italia – this model’s makeup is phenomenal. The heavy black eyeliner is totally crazy for everyday-wear but so awesome on this cover. The whole look is very modern-vintage chic.

Source: via Joanne on Pinterest

3. Zana Bayne x Lane Crawford x FNO

This photo is for the leather bondage accessory by Zana Bayne. Some wild accessories for sure, but what stands out is this stunning model. She’s wearing pretty natural-looking makeup which complements her amazing jawline.

Source: via Joanne on Pinterest

4. Glass Magazine

I had to do a quick search of Glass Magazine, but I’m so happy I found out about them. They cover high fashion, travel and arts from around the world so that means all types of models featured like below. She’s so bringing back the middle part with that extreme cat eye.

Source: via Joanne on Pinterest

5. Michael Kors

I’ve always loved my natural dark brown/black colored hair but I’ve been thinking about coloring it. This model’s auburn brown hair is shimmering against her snow-white skin. Hmm…how would her hair color look on me?

Source: via Joanne on Pinterest

So many gorgeous Asian-modeled fashion photos. What are some of your favorites?