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DIY: Rug Dry Sweaters

Last week while volunteering at the food bank, I talked to one of my favorite fellow volunteers. He’s a retired priest born …


DIY: Boot Shapers

Calling all boot wearers! This DIY project is for you. Do you own a pair, or maybe several pairs, of boots? Hate …


DIY: Cascade Vest

This tutorial is a no-sew project perfect for anyone ready to get into the DIY game! I spend countless hours researching DIY …


DIY: Ruffle Skirt

I know you’ve all been waiting for this DIY fashion tutorial and here it is. Summer is almost over, but skirts can …


DIY: Turn Your Clutch Into a Crossbody

Small crossbody bags are THE fashion accessories, and why wouldn’t they be? They’re small, lightweight, comfortable, and fashionable. But wait! Don’t run …

diy wrap dress

Wrap Dress

I’m working on a wrap dress right now. I can’t wait until I’m done because I’ve been looking for a wrap dress …


DIY: Leopard-Print Nails

I saw an online video a while back on how to paint leopard-print nails, and I finally tried it out the other …


80% Completed Skirt

Buy or Make Tutorial is coming soon. Not quite finished making my ruffle-tiered skirt, but I’m going to wear it tomorrow anyways!

finished hood

DIY: Sew Your Own Hood

Haven’t done a new sewing project in months but that doesn’t mean I’ve quit. I recently found some treasure that will change …