Stacy London in Seattle

stacy london seattle outfits

“The Completer Piece” is what Stacy calls the jacket (an outfit essential), as seen on these stylish mannequins.

OMG! I met Stacy London, fashion stylist and co-host of What Not to Wear! She was here in Seattle, this past weekend, on a stop for her Style Tour with Westfield Malls (this weekend too!). In the middle of Southcenter Mall, they specially set up a beauty bar and styling closet for mini makeovers and style consultations. The Style Tour is a special event they have every year to kick-off the new fall fashion season. And this year’s was an eventful day! Read on to see my pictures and a glimpse inside my swag bag.

Oh yeah, you better believe it. I totally planned my outfit in advance. I mean I was meeting the Stacy London, the fashion stylist. If there’s anyone you want to make a good first fashion impression on, it’s Ms. London. Oh, and I’m sooo happy with my outfit choice!

After waiting in line for about 10 minutes, I’m next. As soon as I step up, Stacy drops her jaw and exclaims, “Wow! The peplum trend. You’re rockin it, girl!”

I squeal, “Wait, wait!” without even a second and twirl. TWIRL!? To show off the lace back to my uber cute black and white stripped, short-sleeved peplum top. :) YAHHH!

Stacy London and Comma Chic

Me and Stacy London!

I’m such a big fan of Stacy London because the woman is an EXPERT fashion stylist. Whether you’re reading my blog for the first time or have been following from the beginning, you’ve probably noticed that I like to blog about “how to wear” fashion pieces. I just love learning new ways to wear something, and then sharing outfit inspiration with all of you! And basically my styling foundation comes from Stacy London. I’ve watched What Not to Wear for years, and have learned so much about how to dress for your body and personality.

style tour closet

Style Closet filled with color and print!

Style Tour Swag

My Style Tour Swag: 2 copies of the Style Manual and a blue houndstooth scarf. Oh, and Stacy’s autograph!!! :)

Highlight of my day: my outfit is “Stacy London” approved!

Added a pop of color to my outfit with a red skinny belt.

I’m so happy I met Stacy London! It was a fun event and I scored a pic with Stacy, got a free scarf, and got Stacy’s autograph!  I even chatted with her for a bit and am motivated to keep blogging and pursuing my fashion editing dream. Bellevue Fashion Week is this week, and I’m already thinking about what to wear. I’ll be attending the Independent Fashion Designer Show and the Posh Beauty and Trends Show, so look out for new blog posts. In the meantime, please “Like” my Facebook page by clicking here :) Thankies!