Springtime Lace – Top Pins of the Week

how to wear lace back

Oooh girl better put on some lace. If not you better save face. Cute springtime lace is the trend for the season. Light and breathable, lace is a pretty sheer fabric for those hot and sticky days. You know what I’m talkin bout. A peek of lace adds femininity and an adorable detail to any outfit. This week’s top pins is a race to the lace. Ready, set, go!

1. All on Top

Wear a pair of floor-skimming trouser jeans with a beautiful tiered lace top. Keep the look soft and casual with a lighter shade of jeans for those daytime highs.

how to wear lace top

2. With High-Waisted Shorts

Here’s another way to wear high-waisted shorts! Just tuck in a simple lace tee.

how to wear lace shorts 2

3. Peeking Under Shorts

They say the smallest details make an outfit. Sew on a lace trim to the bottom of your shorts or just layer delightful little lace shorts underneath.

how to wear lace shorts

4. Dressed Up with a Blazer

I say you can definitely wear a mini dress during the day as long as you polish it up with a sleek blazer and edgy accessories.

how to wear lace dress

5. Playing in a Romper

Lace rompers are quite elegant. Try sleeves or sleeveless for day, but keep the spaghetti straps for night.

how to wear lace romper

Get in on the lace race! A beautiful lightweight trend, every woman should wear lace. Wear a lace blouse, have it peeking from your shorts or slip into an elegant romper. Lace is a trend that is forever stylish. How do you wear lace?