DIY: Sew Your Own Hood

Haven’t done a new sewing project in months but that doesn’t mean I’ve quit. I recently found some treasure that will change all of that. Check this out:

Yes, it’s fabric that I completely forgot about! I’ve been thinking about making a tiered-ruffle skirt with the sheer blue fabric, but didn’t have any fabric to use underneath. However, now I have this fabric from a hood I made a while back.

But before I start on that skirt project, I’ll show y’all how to make an awesome hood. I learned to make this cool hood back in December, thanks to my awesome sewing mentor! It’s a little tricky and complex compared to another method, but this will hide your raw edge and look cooler.

To sew your own hood this is what you’ll need:
-sewing machine (zig-zag stitch)
-fabric (approx. 30 in x 30 in) of your choice but I recommend cotton jersey for beginners

-a hood that you can use to trace around

1. Fold your fabric in half but making sure the wrong side (the side of the fabric you don’t want to show when wearing) faces out.

2. Fold your fabric in half again crosswise. You should now have four panels.

3. Lay out your folded fabric on a hard surface with the folded short edge on top, the folded long edge to your left, and the open edges to the bottom.

4. Either free hand or with your hood, draw or trace an outline of a hood (curved shaped) going from left to right (the right side of the hood is the back!). (Don’t mind the extra line to the right of my picture. This was the first time I made this hood with this method.)

5. Keeping your fabric folded, sew along your line.

6. Hold on to one layer of one panel while turning the hood inside out and you are done!

Before turning your hood inside out, you can snip half-an-inch away from your line (where you sewed along) so there isn’t too much fabric bunching. Also, you can hem the bottom, sew it to something else, or leave it as is. It’s all good!

diy hoodQuestions or comments?