Meatball It Up – Shake It Up Outfits

The girls on Disney’s TV series “Shake It Up,” are always dressed in the cutest fashion styles. If you’re a fan of the layered look, then take a cue from CeCe and Rocky. Their outfits are influenced by their hometown of Chicago and love of hip-hop dance. CeCe’s style is more sporty and casual in dark colored plaid button-up shirts and cargo skinnies. While Rocky’s style is more girly and sweet in soft pastel and neon colored ruffled shirts and floral skirts. My favorite outfits were featured in the “Meatball It Up” episode, especially the outfits they wore to the bank. Which of the following outfits is your favorite?

“Rolling in Dough” Scene


“At the Bank” Scene

“10-lb Meatball” Scene