DIY: Leopard-Print Nails

I saw an online video a while back on how to paint leopard-print nails, and I finally tried it out the other night. It’s pretty simple, but I made the mistake of closing-up my dots and it almost looks like dalmatian-print nails! Do your own search, there are tons of how-to videos. Basically, all you need are two colors of nail polish, black liquid eyeliner (finally a use for that crappy liner!) or a sharpie, and a top coat.

nail polish

Image via Wikipedia

1. Paint your nails in the first color.

2. Dot paint with your second color.

3. Take your eyeliner and draw two or three lines around the dots without closing it up (create a dash outline).

4. Paint on your topcoat.

Make sure to let dry between each application! And apply the topcoat quickly, with as few strokes as possible, so as to not brush off your black outlines.


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