Learn How to Pick Up Women

If you didn’t know, I haven’t actually graduated yet. It was about this time last year when I studied in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam and Phnom Penh, Cambodia to finish the last of my undergrad credits. It was an experience of a lifetime that forced me out of my comfort zone and taught me to be independent. I hopped on a plane and traveled to the other side of the world and navigated through foreign neighborhoods, while making connections with amazing new people. It was hard for me to leave and since my return home, I’ve been in a deep funk. My credits abroad were taking a long time to transfer, I couldn’t graduate, I wasn’t taking anymore classes, and I couldn’t find a job; I was stuck in limbo. I questioned everything I had done and wondered where I was going with my life. I felt like the same exact person as I was before this supposed life-changing-study-abroad trip.

I’ve always imagined myself to be this confident, outgoing and successful person, yet I was completely far from it. I was sick of how I felt and knew I had to do something.With all the free time on my hands, I thought here’s my chance. I could continue doing nothing or get up and make something happen. So I started this fashion blog, volunteered, and among a number of other things, I read up on career development and positive thinking. Oddly enough, I stumbled upon a blog on how to pick up women.

Although the site focuses on how to pick up women, a lot of the advice can be applied to all aspects of life from being more confident in job interviews to building your network. Everyone needs to check out Pickup Podcast! Whether you’re a guy or a girl, the posts and podcasts will help improve your overall perspective on life. If reading’s not your thing, listen to the podcasts. The entertaining hosts, AJ & Jordan, share stories and talk about their perspectives on social interactions that are so dead-on that you’ll be nodding your head in agreement and laughing non-stop. My favorite advice is about being able to hit the reset button. Even though you might feel like you don’t have control over your life, you do. If you don’t like who you are or where you’re at, you have the power to hit the reset button and start over.

Everybody benefits from good pick-up advice and stories. I know I have. Start living the life you’ve always imagined. Head on over to Pickup Podcast, then tell me what you think. Which pick-up advice or interview moved you most?