How to Wear Tights

how to wear tights opaque

Last week I went out for dinner and dancing for a friend’s birthday, and the first thing I think is, “I’m totally gonna dress for the special occasion and wear a pretty dress!” But then, as I’m huddled by my space heater with layers and layers on, I realize, “Oh, I do NOT wanna run around barelegged. It’s FUH-REEZING!”

I thought about wearing tights, but all I have are a pair of black opaque tights. Sure, they’re versatile and go with almost anything, but not with my favorite floral-lace print dress. Black tights with a navy and white fitted dress just don’t go. The black tights would weigh down the outfit. And then I started to think about all the different options and how much thought can be put into choosing the right tights (even the type of shoes to wear with tights like suede shoes). So I’m writing a post on how to wear tights :)

So there are a lot of different types of tights like control top, reinforced heel, and toeless. However, I’m going to share easy ways to wear sheer, textured, and opaque tights.

Sheer Tights

Sheers are thinner tights which can be found in all kinds of colors and designs. Over the past couple of years, sheer skintone tights have grown popular thanks to Pippa Middleton (Kate Middleton’s sister). It gives the sheeny, sleek look to your legs.

They basically go with everything and are the best choice if you’re unsure about color. Sheers pair well with fitted skirts and dresses like a short black pencil skirt or with a bulky outfit like a chunky winter sweater and denim shorts.

how to wear tights sheerhow to wear tights hearts

Textured Tights

Textured tights come in a variety of textures like sexy fishnets, cute swiss dots, and pretty floral lace. Sometimes textured tights can look a little too sexy if worn incorrectly, but amp up an outfit when done right.

They’re best worn with solid colored outfits like a basic black dress or a ladylike peplum top and shorts.

how to wear tights snakeskinhow to wear tights  dots

Opaque Tights

Opaques are solid colored tights. Aside from the typical black tights, bold colored tights (like mustard yellow or oxblood red) are fun styling options.

3 Ways to Wear Bold Colored Tights:
1) A neutral-colored outfit is just the thing to show off bold legs, like a heather grey dress and swing coat with a pair of cobalt blue tights.
2) A cute little printed outfit is cute with colored tights, like a printed boho-print skirt with maroon tights.
3) My favorite is to contrast colors like wearing a solid fuchsia dress with contrasting red tights.
how to wear tights coloredhow to wear tights colored

Tights are essential to keeping warm and wearing holiday dresses in the cold weather. Lots to think about in choosing the best tights for your outfit. Sheer, textured, and opaque tights are great options, and when paired well, can really elevate an outfit. What types of tights do you like to wear?