How to Wear Printed Pants

Happy Spring! Wow, is it really spring? It was hailing giant snow-like pellets yesterday in Seattle. As much as I’d love, love, LOVE to wear a maxi dress to welcome the new season, it’s ridiculously cold. Say what now? But winter is out, no doubt, as seen in the retail rotation. Currently trending are printed pants – cute stylish pants that look far from anything tacky (sorry but PJ bottoms stay home). Matching print from top to bottom (the “matchy matchy”) is so old school. So what’s the right way to wear a pair of animal-print jeans and floral-print pants? Apply a few of these “how to wear” tips to master the printed pants.

1. Basic Tee

A basic tee goes with everything including printed pants. Achieve the sporty look with looser fitting pieces like a pair of print joggers.

2. Neutral-Colored Blouse

Wear a neutral-colored (like white, grey, or khaki) blouse for a fail-safe look. A simple blouse makes for a tailored look.

3. Bold-Colored Top

If you love color like me, your closet is bursting with a rainbow of shirts. Get the most wear out of your printed pants by changing up your top. Go with a color from the print of your pants or go with a contrasting bold color.

4. Printed Shirt

If you’re still looking to try the pattern-mixing trend, pull on a printed top. (Read more on pattern mixing here.)

5. Graphic Print

Graphic-print tops count as pattern mixing too! But if you’re afraid of looking too casual or want a night-out look, slip on some killer heels.

6. Layer

Once you’ve exhausted your shirt collection, start layering. Try a vest, jean jacket, or a blazer (like the model below) for different looks.

Printed pants are “it” this season. Transition from the cold winter to the spring with this warm trend. Avoid the dated style of matching your top to bottom. Instead, wear a basic tee, neutral-colored blouse, bold-colored top, or printed shirt. Change up your shoes and layers to make different outfits. Work these tips and you’ll be stylishly wearing printed pants. What do you wear with printed pants?