How to Wear Jeans with Boots

Do you tuck your jeans into your boots, only to have them shift and bunch around the knee? I’ve had this problem in the past and looked so stumpy. I was constantly adjusting – unzipping my boots and tugging at my jeans. Ahh what a pain! Since then, I’ve learned some quick fixes. So in my first-ever video, I’m sharing 3 easy tips on how to tuck jeans into boots. Enjoy!

1. Super Skinny Jeans


Okay, keyword is “super.” I used to tuck just regular skinny jeans into boots, but there was always extra fabric because regular skinny jeans are just slimmer versions of straight jeans – slightly loose around the legs. Whereas “super” or “ultra” skinny jeans are skin tight and hug the legs. There’s none of that extra fabric to cause the bunching. Even better are jeggings or leggings because they’re so much more comfy than thick jeans.

2. Knee-High Socks


Wear fitted knee-high or boot socks over your skinnies to really keep your jeans in place. Socks will grip on to your jeans and keep them from shifting. I especially like knee-high socks for winter when it’s super cold because it adds extra warmth and a little accessory.

3. Mitten Clips


Mittens clips are normally used to clip mittens to coat sleeves (so you don’t lose them), but I like to use them as stirrups to keep my jeans smooth. You might have seen similar clips advertised as jean stirrups, but they’re overpriced. Instead, get mitten clips at a fabric store for about $7.

When wearing jeans with boots, you no longer have to deal with your knees bunching up. Zip up some super skinny jeans, pull on a pair of knee-high socks, or grab a pair of mitten clips. These 3 little tips will keep your jeans tucked in to your boots. What are some of your tips?