How to Wear a Floppy Hat

how to wear a floppy hat

I wrote a blog post the other month listing 10 of the best summer floppy hats. And now that the sun is really starting to shine here in Seattle, I’m thinking, “MY EYES!” I love my new Asian sunglasses, but I’m a little worried about the reverse raccoon-eye; the sunglass tan line. So I need to get me a good floppy summer hat. Wearing a hat is definitely a little intimidating when you’re not used to wearing them, especially because it’s such an attention grabber. So you wanna get the right kind of attention. The one that have people saying, “Damn, she look gooooood!”

Yes, here’s how to wear a floppy hat and look good. Damn good.

Heading to the beach or to a pool party?

Wear your glamorous floppy hat with your swimsuit. My tip is to pair the hat with a feminine, printed swimsuit and save the sporty swimsuit for the gym.
how to wear floppy hat

Having brunch with the ladies?

Top your easy, breezy summer dress with a floppy hat. I like how soft and beautiful this maxi dress looks.
how to wear floppy hat 2

Kickin it with the fellas?

Oh yeah…you can and will wear your floppy hat with the boys. Just stick to usual duds: tee and shorts. I like these cute striped shorts because they’re sporty yet trendy.
how to wear floppy hat 3

Which of these outfits is your favorite?