How to Mix Patterns

Mixing prints and patterns in clothing is a tricky skill. It’s a cute trend that’s all over the runways but trying to translate it to real life can be a mess. You might have opened your closet, thrown a vintage plaid coat over your oversized Christmas sweater, and called it a day. (Crazy cat lady much)? It’s ok, it happens to all of us, including me. But guess what? Pattern mixing is really stylish and easier than you think. You’ll be looking like the ultimate fashionista when you learn a couple of my fashion tips. Read on for pointers on how to mix patterns.

1. Mix Color with Color

Mixing color with color is the easiest way to mix patterns. When I say mix color with color, I mean mix colors in the same family such as mixing an orchid flamingo-print shirt with a pair of purple paisley pants, or a forest green abstract-print blouse with a pair of mixed green floral-print skinnies. Keeping colors in the same family helps pull the look together.

how to pattern mix 1

how to pattern mix 2

2. Mix Color with Neutrals

Prints and patterns in neutral colors like black, grey, white, or brown (or blue, which is a “faux neutral”) act as bases and match with everything. For example, you can mix a blue brocade-print peplum top with a pair of black-and-white zigzag stripe leggings, or mix a leopard blouse with some red snakeskin-print denim. Remember, leopard print, houndstooth, tweed, and stripes are neutrals, too.
how to pattern mix 3-2 how to pattern mix 4-2

3. Mix for Fun

You define your own style so have fun! Mix prints and patterns that you think work. Think outside-the-box and play with different textures. Lace, sequins, and leather act as prints and patterns too. And there’s so many fun accessories to toss into the mix like scarves, headbands, and handbags.

Wearing mixed prints is really easy once you learn these little tips. Mix colors in the same family, add in some neutrals, and remember to have fun! Follow these tips and you’ll be looking as trendy as the models on the runway.

What are some tricks you use to mix prints?