How to Look Good in a Turtleneck

I’ve had a change of heart. All I want to wear are turtlenecks! They’re so feminine and cozy, and if selected correctly, can be flattering not fattering. As a kid, I didn’t like wearing turtlenecks because I was self-conscious of my round face. Wearing a turtleneck seemed to accentuate my face and I always looked like I had no neck and a giant lollipop head. So what are some ways to look good in a turtleneck? Here’s three tips to keep in mind when shopping for turtlenecks:

1. Fitted Neck

j crew turtleneck E6055_ST4278_m

Aim for turtlenecks in which the neck is fitted and as close to the neck as possible; no gaps. Skip the droopy cowlnecks and big, chunky turtlenecks. These are going to add weight to your body and create the illusion that you’re heavier. No woman wants that.

2. Single-Layer Neck

jcrew turtleneck 201512dec-wcollec-img09

Look for a single-layer neck. In other words, the turtleneck should have a shorter neck which does not fold over. Again, we want to eliminate bulk and maintain the look of a slim silhouette.

3. Mockneck

j crew mockneckE4881_GR6529_m

The mockneck is similar to the turtleneck but the tube is sewn over onto itself. Thus, a shorter neck which allows your actual neck to peak out. Showing a bit of your neck is the trick to elongating your body.

Try the turtleneck trend while keeping these tips in mind. Wear fitted, single-layer turtlenecks or mocknecks and you’re sure to look good. How do you wear the turtleneck trend, and how do you avoid the no-neck look?