How to Layer Clothes

how to layer clothesLayer up ’cause it’s WINTER TIMEEEE! Some of you might be in the same situation as me – in a style rut. It’s those winter fashion blues. You know when it gets cold and day after day it gets a little tough to figure out what to wear? Oh, I feel ya. You wanna look cute like SNAP! But there are easy ways to look winter cute. Try layering clothes with these how-to tips below.

Tips for Layering Fashionably:

1. Base Layers

Base layers are pieces worn underneath everything. Keep these pieces thin and fitted so you can layer more on top. A fitted tank top, camisole, spandex shorts and tights can add extra warmth. Base layers hug your body, helping hold in heat and blocking drafty air.


2. Balance

One of the most important tips to layering (and dressing, in general) is balance. It’s crucial to balance your top and bottom. Usually if you’re layering for warmth, you’ll be wearing multiple layers on top like a tank top, sweater, vest, and coat. So you wanna balance the more-on-top with less-on-bottom with something like skinny jeans, leggings, or tights.

how to layer balance

3. Shape

The shape of clothes looks different on every body. Thin straight bodies can pull off the layered look effortlessly, but the rest of us can pull off the look, too. Just remember to define your shape! Wear tops and jackets with darting under the bust, peplum details, and empire waists. You can also cinch a belt high under your waist.

how to layer clothes shape

4. Display

What makes layering stylish is showing layers. Mix things up! Have your shirt peak out a bit under your sweater. Roll your sleeves up. Throw on a vest over your coat. Unbutton your coat. Pair different patterns and colors!

how to layer display

5. Accessorize

Even the little accessories add up for more stylin’ layers. Brooches, sunglasses, hats, scarves and gloves help pull layers together. An all-black basic winter uniform is turned up a notch with a pretty printed scarf.

how to layer accessorize

You can look winter cute in warm outfits by layering. A little tricky at first, but definitely easy once you check your base layer, balance, shape, display and accessorize. Keeping an eye on these little outfit details will save ya from looking like you had a fight with a pile of clothes! How do you layer fashionably?