How to Inventory Your Closet & Keep an Outfits Calendar

Every morning like clockwork we all scream, “What do I wear?!” Followed immediately by, “I have nothing to wear.” We actually have so many choices yet always play the what-to-wear game. Oh, first-world problems. With constant feeling of needing the latest and greatest, we forget about and tire of our clothes. Instead, take inventory of your closet so that you can create new outfits or rediscover existing ones.

1. Taking Inventory

closet inventory

You gotta know what you’re working with! Start by going through your closet and keeping a list of all your pieces. One grey sweater. Another grey sweater. WAIT! Another grey sweater?! Taking inventory is a great way to learn what’s in your closet so you don’t buy duplicates, and is especially helpful for purging the things you don’t need. Yay! More room for new things!


  • I know a daunting task but put in the upfront work now and save yourself tons of time (and money) later. As you buy new things, you’ll add the items one-by-one to your master inventory.
  • Make it quick! How? Jot it down, keep a spreadsheet, or snap pictures with your phone.
  • Break the list into categories i.e. tops, pants, skirts, outerwear.

2. Creating Outfits


Now the fun part: creating outfits. You have your inventory so start putting things together. Oh, the old blue button-down shirt. That’ll go with the grey sweater! You’ll see new outfit ideas that you wouldn’t have seen before.


  • Start with the low-hanging fruit. Get a list going of all your typical outfits. The point is to get a list of all outfit options so you can pick outfits quicker later. You’ll now have a quick reference list.

3. Rotating Outfits


The quickest way for clothes to go stale is wearing the same outfits again and again. Avoid the feeling by rotating outfits. Make sure not to wear the same outfit within the same two weeks.


  •  Keeping an outfit calendar is like keeping a food journal except your tracking your outfits. You can set a daily reminder on your Google Calendar, or like me, use a regular old monthly calendar.