Homemade Burgers


Okay, I’ve been meaning to write about the burgers I made a couple of weeks ago. I learned the greatest tip for making burgers. You know how whenever you cook something, especially burgers, the middle is always undercooked or the outer edges are overcooked? Well, thanks to realsimple.com, I figured out how to cook burgers more evenly. All it takes is a thumb and some pressure. Figured it out yet? Yes, just imprint your thumb into the center of the patty, that way the center will be thinner and cook quicker.

Want to know how to keep your burgers juicy? Add an onion! No not sliced onions, but chopped. Mixed the chopped onions with the ground beef (and season to taste) and that’ll keep em moist and add great flavor.

Homemade burgers are so simple and worth the extra 5 minutes. They don’t compare to those pre-formed frozen patties. Homemade burgers save you money and they taste great, so try making your own tonight!