H&M Expects Shopping Frenzy for Lanvin?

H&M has finally set an official date for the launch of the highly anticipated Lanvin for H&M. At selected stores, Lanvin for H&M will be available November 20th. While I was looking at the fashion collection online, I read more into the details. H&M expects there to be a huge frenzy on the day of the launch, so they will only allow the first 320 people to shop the collection. Sixteen groups of 20 will be designated a time to shop for 15 minutes.  Once all the groups are done, the collection will be open to shop for the rest of the public. However, one little detail makes me wonder if the launch will really have people fighting for the last dress.

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But first, I want to talk a little about the collection. Lanvin for H&M is filled with holiday party fashion styles for men and women. The men’s pieces, as usual, are nothing special. There are blazers and matching pants, cardigans, a tuxedo shirt, dress shirts, and a few other pieces. The only piece that stands out are the metallic dress shoes. However, every item in the women’s collection is amazing. Each party dress is in a bold color or floral print, which is then matched by the feminine ruffle detailing. There are also skirts, printed tees, coats, shoes,  jewelry, and even lipstick. Of course the collection is not complete without some fur. My favorite is the faux-fur trench coat with the vertical insets.

Now, as amazing as the pieces in the women’s collection are, I do not think hordes of women will be rushing to drop $200 or more on a dress. It’s not designer quality and one will wear it only a couple of times. Maybe it’s just me, but what do you think? Will you be in line on November 20th to buy from the Lanvin for H&M collection?