DIY: Rug Dry Sweaters

Red rug on stone carpet

Image by atomicShed via Flickr

Last week while volunteering at the food bank, I talked to one of my favorite fellow volunteers. He’s a retired priest born Irish but grew up in England (or maybe the other way around). He has an infectiously cheery personality, and I always feel more upbeat when he’s around. When he asked about my career goals, it led to an interesting talk about fashion trends.

He told me to look up Mary Quant, and I’m glad he did. Mary Quant is a British fashion designer known for the mod fashion movement, and she also popularized mini skirts and hot pants in the 1960′s. Did you know that the mini skirt was named after Quant’s favorite car? I didn’t think so!

But what was most interesting in my research was to learn an interesting sweater-drying method. Pre-tumble dryers, people would dry their sweaters with paper bags and “carpet”. Carpet? Uhh, maybe that meant  rugs. Either way, they’d lay their sweaters in tissue paper and a paper bag, then under a rug it went. After a couple of days, the sweater was like-new and pressed flat. All the traffic on the rug saved on the elbow grease. I’m assuming they used this method for fine-knit sweaters like cardigans, but I’d like to hear from someone who’s tried this method. Sounds like a great way to keep those nice sweaters in tip-top shape.

If my rugs were clean, I’d try this method. How about you? Would you try this method?