DIY: Ruffle Top

diy ruffle top

Feminine and flirty, ruffles can turn a basic top or dress in to something special. When strategically placed, they can hide and conceal trouble areas or they can add volume and shape where needed. It’s been a while since I posted a DIY fashion project, but here’s a easy one that’ll have you bedazzling rufflizing everything. Take a look at the tank (image below) that I rufflized!

What You’ll Need:

-sewing machine (basting stitch)
-an extra long basic tee or a regular-sized tee
-scrap fabric


1) If you’re using an extra long tee, cut the end of the tee as if you’re shortening the length. Once you cut off the end, you’ll have a loop of fabric. Take the stitches out and you’ll have one long rectangular strip to use for the ruffles.

If you’re using a regular-sized tee, leave it as is and cut a long rectangular strip from the scrap fabric. The size of the strip is up to you, but keep in mind that it’ll shorten its length in half once it’s rufflized.

2) On your sewing machine, turn up the tension (settings varies with machine). Using a straight stitch with the widest setting, stitch along the length of the fabric strip.

3) The fabric should ruffle (gather) up while you’re sewing across the fabric and look something like this:

4) Even out the ruffles by holding onto one of the threads on one end while adjusting the ruffles. Then secure ends of stitch with knots (as close to fabric as possible) to secure the ruffles in place.

5) Finally, just take your ruffled piece of fabric and sew it onto wherever you want on your top!

diy ruffle top2

What do you think? What will you be rufflizing?


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