DIY: Ruffle Skirt

I know you’ve all been waiting for this DIY fashion tutorial and here it is. Summer is almost over, but skirts can be transitioned into fall with tights, and you can definitely wear your-own-made skirt to that next social! So let’s just get to business.

This is one of the many ways to make this skirt. Sorry, there aren’t many pictures, but this project is really not for beginners. You definitely need some basic sewing skills before you move on to this project.

What you’ll need:

-measuring tape
-approx 4 yards of fabric (I don’t know how much fabric I used but that’s what the measuring tape’s for)
-scissors, pins, and all your basic sewing supplies
-buttons and/or zippers (optional)


1) Measure your waist and measure how far you’d like your skirt to fall.

2) Take the measurements and add about an inch to each side. You now have the measurements for the main part of your skirt.

3) Use this measurement to cut out the fabric.

4) Take that measurement again and add about 1.5 inches to the length. You now have the measurements for the ruffles.

5) Use this measurement to cut out another piece of fabric. Then evenly divide and cut the piece by three (or however many ruffles you’d like) crosswise.

6) With your waist measurement, add about an inch. This will be used for the width of the waistband.

7) Take that number for the width by about 3 inches for the length to cut out another piece of fabric for the waistband.

8) With the right side up, width going left to right, pleat (tiny folds) and pin the first ruffle piece to the top

of the main skirt.

9) Pleat and pin the other ruffle pieces, making sure to layer.

10) Sew the pleats down by sewing the ruffle pieces to the main skirt.

11) Fold your waistband in half, with right sides on the outside, and match the sides that meet to the top of your skirt and sew in place.

12) Fold the skirt in half to sew the skirt closed (or add a zipper and/or buttons), but make sure the ruffles are not sewn under!
diy ruffle skirt