DIY: Cascade Vest

This tutorial is a no-sew project perfect for anyone ready to get into the DIY game! I spend countless hours researching DIY fashion projects and was happy to find this easy-to-make vest on Hope you all will try out this project.

What You’ll Need:

-fabric approx. 30×42 in.
-a pair of scissors
-something circular to cut around such as a large plate
-sewing machine (optional)
-seam binding or a couple of strips of fabric cut on the bias


1) Lay out your fabric, with the longer sides going from left to right.

2) Grab a plate (I used an old bucket) and place it at the top center of the fabric at about 3 inches from the top.

3) Pull out your handy scissors and cut around the plate.

white thread, scissors

Image by abbey*christine via Flickr

4) You’re done! But of course, kick it up a notch by hemming your ends. Fold your raw edge about a couple of centimeters.

5) Then fold it over again and sew a straight stitch across to secure your fold.

6) Fold seam binding in half, cover raw edge of the cut-out circle, and sew in place.