Demand for High-Rises in Your Neighborhood


Jeans and pants that is! I hate low-rise jeans. It’s one fashion trend I can’t wait to see die. They are uncomfortable and unflattering. I’m constantly pulling my pants up and worrying about my jeans bunching in the front. Talk about muffin tops, butt cracks, and visible underwear. It’s almost impossible to buy a pair of jeans that are not low-rise.  When will it end? Please, designers, tell me high-rise or even mid-rise pants are coming back! All you have to do is add an inch or two to the rise (or a centimeter in your sketch). Or is this some way to up profits by using less material? I think not.

Actually, forget what I just said. High-rise jeans are back! WHOO HOO! What’s even better? Urban Outfitters has an amazing $29 sale on all BDG jeans. Plus, here are some other high-rise jeans to choose from.

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