Clothes Color Combination: Pink & Red – Top Pins of the Week

I would do anything for love. I would do anything for love. But I won’t do that. Oh it’s far from Valentine’s Day but I’m totally feelin this stylish color combination: pink and red. I’m not talkin bout carnation pink and salmon. I’m talkin bout hot pink and cherry red. It’s a fun new color combo every fashionista is rockin, and to prove it, here are pins of girls wearing pink and red. It’s top pins of the week. Let’s go!

1. Blouse & Shorts

City shorts are ultra slick, especially with a sheeny blouse. Pink and red are of the same color family so it totally works. But if something looks a missing, try a leopard-print belt to tie your look together.

clothes color combination pink red 1

2. Blouse & Trousers

A blouse and a pair of wide-cut trousers is a sexy alternative to the lbd (little black dress). It takes major confidence to rock the trouser, but it’s way more feminine than the trendy women’s suit. Style tip: for a super streamlined look, make sure trousers skim the floor and cut wide (should be as wide as the widest part of your leg which is the thigh).

clothes color combination pink red 2

3. Cardi & Cropped Pants

The length of cropped pants draws eyes down to your ankle, creating the perfect opportunity to show off your cutest shoes. Balance the slimness of the pants with a pair of stilettos or strappy sandals.

clothes color combination pink red 4

4. Crewneck & Full Skirt

This outfit reminds me of Carrie Bradshaw in her tulle skirt on The Sex in the City. The red full skirt and wide ankle strap heels is the trendy version of a ballerina.

clothes color combination pink red 3

5. Blue Accessories

Accessorize your new combo with blue! Blue is opposite to red and pink on the color wheel, making it a complementary color. Just make sure the colors are similar in hue like cobalt blue (instead of powder blue) and cherry red.

clothes color combination pink red 5

Pink and red is the hot new color combo in fashion. Style the look yourself with vibrant  shades of pink and red like hot pink and cherry red. Take your fav solid-color top and bottom and strut. Then take it to the next level with rich blue accessories. What other color combinations do you wear?