Changing Style

I went on my first shopping trip, back from a what-a-steal shopping in S.E. Asia, with a friend the other week. Of course, I had to hit up the mall! Oh, how I’ve missed the convenience of free parking, no haggling (somewhat), dressing rooms, and organization of clothes in stores. Surprisingly, I wasn’t as sticker shocked as I thought I would be after paying crazy cheap for clothes in Vietnam and Cambodia. For instance, a pair of jeans (that actually fit my short Asian frame!) were only about $8 USD in Vietnam. But then again, the quality varied with each item and Vietnam was on a whole different currency with a bunch of zeroes that always threw me off!

Back to the shopping trip..While my friend and I were browsing through the juniors section of a department store, she came across a printed t-shirt and paused. “I used to be so into skulls,” she said.

“Yeah. I used to be so into hearts and stars, but now I think they’re so tacky,” I quickly replied.

As we continued browsing, I overheard a woman say to her daughter, “I remember when I was younger, I would always gravitate towards stripes.”

I laughed to myself because I still gravitate towards stripes. Lately though, I’ve been really struggling to stay away from floral prints. As in as florals may be, I just have too much floral prints and similarly styled pieces in my wardrobe. Over the years though, my style and tastes have definitely changed. Although, back in the day I thought my style would never change.

Let’s take it back to the fifth grade. I’ve always worn just jeans and a tee. I vowed the craziest thing of all: I will never wear or own a dress. Insane, right? Dresses are the most effortless and comfortable (with the right cut) piece of clothing out there. It’s just one piece, it’s loose and flowy, and there isn’t much styling needed.

Throughout middle school, I “upped” my style a notch. I threw in zip-up hoodies, AF1′s and Jordans. This style followed me into my first year of high school, but during the summer between middle school and high school, I had picked up another style: big men tees and baby oiled hair. GROSS!

Of course, I had picked up these styles from others around me. It wasn’t until around my junior year of high school when I started to develop my own style. That is, styles that truly fit my age and personality (and gender).

Yes, stars, hearts, and stripes were my go-to prints, but by then I had started to appreciate classic looks: trenches, lbd’s, pencil skirts, and cardigans. At 17, I felt I was not fit for those looks, but slowly I started to work these “grown-up” pieces into my wardrobe: flats, knit sweaters, and wool coats.

And just several months ago, I finally made a huge overhaul. I was still sporting pieces I had since middle school. In my 20′s, feeling frumpy and tired of people thinking I was significantly younger than I was, I chucked half my closet. Bye-bye to bummy plaid, unflattering bombers, tacky-printed tees, and oversized jeans.

Now a graduate (unofficially), I’m looking to land a job while looking the part. I’m an aspiring fashion editor, and hell I need to look like one (and a blog wouldn’t hurt). Hello to skirts, blouses, statement pieces and all.