Buyology: Truth & Lies About Why We Buy

tumblr_m00634Q8tb1rqxd0ho1_500It’s said that to attain optimum taste, a glass of Guinness beer must be poured with a specific method. First, the glass must be held at a 45-degree angle while the tab is pulled with just the right amount of pressure. Once the glass is three-quarters full, the glass must sit and settle completely. Finally, top it off and you have yourself the perfect glass of Guinness. A Guinness poured any other way just doesn’t taste as great. Right? Wrong!

Guinness’ famous “perfect pour” is a great example of smart marketing. Back in the day, prior to the “Good Things Come to Those Who Wait” campaign, Guinness saw a drop in sales. Because Guinness was so rich and poured so slowly, many were not willing to wait and instead went for the next beer. As a result, Guinness turned their negative into a positive, thus the “perfect pour.”

Every day we are bombarded by hundreds of ads and marketing schemes like the “perfect pour,” all in an effort to get us to buy things we don’t need. However, we can only recall a few advertisements that we’ve ever seen or heard in our lifetime. So if you’ve ever wondered what causes you to buy that new touchscreen smartphone or if sex really sells, then you need to read Martin Lindstrom’s book titled Buyology: Truth and Lies About Why We Buy. In this book, Lindstrom details different marketing and advertising techniques and conducts his own neuromarketing research.

Be a smarter consumer and educate yourself. Read Buyology!