Bow Fashion – Winter Scarves

So there’s this thing I’m kinda sorta obsessed with but didn’t realize until someone said it out loud – I LOVE BOWS! Whew..I said it. It feels good to get off my chest. You might have noticed my fondness for bows in my cute little logo (the two inverted commas) or maybe in my OG post drooling over the Tucker for Target bow-tie blouses. I mean bows are so fun and girly. Girl, you like bows, right? Yeah, that’s right! So I’m sharing my favorite bow fashion finds, and this first edition is all about winter scarves.

1. Lady Coat

This yellow coat is gorgeous, especially with the feminine silhouette and fur-trim collar, topped with the bow scarf.

bow fashion winter scarves 4

2. Tie a Bow on Your Scarf

You can have your own bow scarf, too, by just tying your scarf.
bow fashion winter scarves 2

3. Add Some Color

And if you’ve noticed my obsession with bows, you probably know I love color, so go for color like yellow mustard.
bow fashion winter scarves 3

4. Little Bows

…or pick one of the other colors from the rainbow. These scarves are especially cute with the sewn-on bows.
bow fashion winter scarves 5

5. Infinity Scarf

The easiest way to wear a scarf and a bow is this little scarf. No tying necessary. Just put it over your head.
bow fashion winter scarves 1

Cuuuuuute! [Rich Boy "Throw Some D's" Tune] Just bought a scarf? Throw some bows on that scarf! Which is your favorite bow scarf?