Bow Fashion: Peplum


Hey there beautiful people! Hope you all are having a wonderful week. The weather’s been random as usual in Seattle –  cloudy and windy one minute, and warm and sunny the next. But it’s sunny so I’m grateful for that! And I know the weather’s been a little whacko in other parts of the States as well – rainy in NY and crazy thunderstorms in the Midwest. All this rando weather reminds me of the peplum trend. This fashion trend suddenly popped up and is kinda everywhere. There’s peplum tops and pants, then there’s full peplums and side flares. Though I’m really eyeing peplums with bow accents. Check out this week’s bow fashion featuring the peplum.

1. Little Red Bow on Stripes

Red is so cute with black-and-white stripes. But a bow?  TOO CUTE! Easily get this look by safety-pinning a ribbon bow to the back of your top.

bow fashion peplum stripe top

2. Architectural Dress

This dress is absolutely beautiful. It’s fitted but just right and the side peplum accents give the dress a futuristic and architectural appeal (plus, it looks like a bow).

bow fashion peplum structural dress

3. Oxford Shirt

A lightweight oxford shirt is wonderful for this in-between season. Keeps your arms covered for those chilly AC’d offices, but light enough that it doesn’t overheat you. A bit of a peplum and bow keeps the menswear-inspired shirt on the feminine side.


4. Slim-Fit Pants

Rachel Bilson is the fashion “it” girl always trying new trends. Here she’s rockin the peplum trend in a pant. Very subtle side flares but trendy nonetheless.

bow fashion peplum rachel bilson

5. Layering

Wanna try the peplum without actually buying it? Get the same look by layering. Pull over a fitted top like a vest, jacket, or sweater, over a slightly longer and loose blouse. And voila! You made yourself a peplum top.

bow fashion peplum layering

The peplum is a major fashion trend this year. There’s architectural peplum dresses even peplum pants. Buy a peplum top or create the look by layering. The peplum trend comes in so many styles but a little bow gives it that extra feminine flair. What peplum styles have you seen?