Bow Fashion – Bracelet

Sometimes I think I need to wear more bows. Of course, as a petite I don’t wanna risk looking younger than I already do. Some of you might even be thinking, “I just don’t wanna look tacky!” Okay, I get it. Those big hair bows from the 80′s will never come back in (let’s hope), and headbands only flatter a lucky few. What are some other ways to rock a bow? With stunning bracelets! Bow bracelets come in a bunch of different styles, and here are a few to start.

1. Gold Bow

This gold bow is a nice cuff and can be worn with a lot of different outfits like a casual tee or a sophisticated dress. And the bow isn’t too “in your face” cute – just a nice little detail.


2. Gold Accents

Leather cuffs with gold hardware is really trendy. This leather cuff has a bow which is a girly twist to edgy, black leather cuffs.


3. Leather Cuff

A crisp, all-white leather cuff is ultra chic. Great to wear with formal and cocktail dresses for an alternative accessory – a true statement maker.


4. Stacked

Stack a bow bracelet with a few other bracelets for a unique set. Offset the “super cute” bow factor with antiqued metal bracelets as pictured below.


5. Silky

Adorn silky colorful bows for spring! Put on one, two, three, or more. Show off your craftiness by making your own.


Wearing bows like a giant hair bow may look tacky, but try a different accessory. For the ladies who love bows, a bracelet is the solution! It’s a small accessory to add that right amount of cute, feminine detailing to any outfit. Try a gold cuff, a gold-accented leather cuff, or an all-leather cuff. Then have fun making your own and stacking em up. Which bracelet is your favorite?