Bow Fashion – Bows & Umbrellas

Rain, rain, go away. Come again no other day. Boooo it’s been raining. And yes, I’m one of those people…I book as soon as it starts raining. I’m not a fan of rain and that’s probably why I own like a bajillion umbrellas. Just can never have enough! So while I was bRAINstorming (haha!) on what “bow fashion” to post about, I thought maybe I’ll blog about cute bow-decorated umbrellas. But you know what? Bows get no love in the umbrella world. Well, actually just a smidgen. So this week it’s about bows and umbrellas. Time to spot the bow!

 1. Bow Umbrella

It’s literally a bow umbrella! Use it like a parasol to block the sun and as a prop in pictures. I may have to make my own.bow umbrella 1

2. Bubble Umbrella

Been seeing bubble umbrellas everywhere. Over there, under where. This umbrella has one perfect little bow print. Justttt right.

bow umbrella 2

3. Black & White

This black and white umbrella has such a cool scenic city print. A bit of an old school classy feel, and the little bow looks so chic.

bow umbrella 3

4. Red Pin

Uhh hello? She’s lookin so adorable even dressed down. I tell ya, it’s the braided hair and little red bow pin.

bow umbrella 4

5. Bow Purse

The pink bow purse is the perfect accessory to go with this black and white outfit. And the bow adds a bit of fun and youthfulness to this ladylike look.

bow umbrella 5

After this post, bow umbrellas will be the next big thing. Until then, invest in any cute umbrella and wear a little bow. Stay dry!