Bicycling in Style – Top Pins of the Week

bicycle fashion orange

Photo from Sabrina Linda Tumblr

Happy summer everyone! The sun’s out and I’m pulling out my bike. It’s so refreshing to feel the cool breeze as I’m flying through a open path. With the clear skies, I’m jumping at the opportunity to go for a ride. Believe me, a dry ride is a good ride – a great ride. As the weather’s warming up, fitting in a few easy cruises on the beach and a spin through the park is pretty nice. In fact, it’s really fun for casual rides with friends. Though sometimes it’s easy to over-think a bicycling outfit – you wanna be comfy yet cute. Girl, I feel ya. What if you run into a cute guy or maybe you’re cruisin with a cute guy. Oh, the possibilities. Always be on your game! Cycle in style with inspiration from these ladies:

1. Swim at the Pool

For a quick swim at the pool, put on your little swim suit, then throw on a button-up and a straw fedora.

bicycle fashion 3

Photo from Cape Cod Collegiate Tumblr

2. Casual Stripes

Striped tees are uber stylish in any casual situation. Go for stripes if you wanna rock the sneakers.

bicycle fashion 1

Photo from Bikes Cycling Tumblr

3. Audrey Hepburn

Take a style note from the pages of fashion icon, Audrey Hepburn. Slip into a simple picnic-perfect outfit with a sleeveless collared shirt, summer capris (or cigarette pants for a modern cut), and chic flats. Cute puppy, optional.

bicycle fashion 5

Photo from Fashionista

4. City Chic

A busy city girl’s gotta fit in time for a ride and drinks. A blazer and chic shorts is fitting for just you ladies!

bicycle fashion 4

Photo from João Correia on Pinterest

5. Pretty Dress

If you’re feeling really bold, show off your prettiest dress. Keep yourself covered in a long twirly skirt or tea length floral dress.

bicycle fashion 2

Photo from Fashion Monster

Cruise the streets this summer in style. You can stay cute and comfy in casual stripes and sneakers, or ride around in your pretty dress. What do you like to wear when you’re bicycling for fun?