Bellevue Fashion Week 2012 Part 1 of 2

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Carole McClellan (Designer) & Laura Cassidy (Seattle Met Mag, Fashion Editor)

It’s been crazy this past week! I attended Bellevue Fashion Week 2012 with my awesome press pass. Just about 15 minutes east of Downtown Seattle, Bellevue is a fast-growing city in the Northwest. In its 7th year, Bellevue Fashion Week is going strong and maintaining their sponsorship from Vogue. This year, I had a lot of fun attending the Independent Designer Fashion Runway Show and the Posh Beauty & Trend Show. I met lots of great up-and-coming Seattle fashion designers and saw the season’s latest fashion trends.

Two of the headlining designers at the Independent Designer Runway Show were Lisa Van Hunter and Lizzie Parker, contestants on the fashion-design TV show, “Fashion Star.” All the designers had great feminine and edgy designs, with elements of surprise. There were really cool convertible edgy leather handbags from Ampersand as Apostrophe, and crazy-unique fringe dress from Masha Osoianu Design. Check out some of the pictures from the Independent Designer Runway Show.

Lisa Vian Hunter

Lisa had some really cute feminine pieces from her spring collection. Lots of florals, pink, yellow and orange fashions with a bit of a 60′s “Mad Men” feel.

bellevue fashion week 2012 Lisa Vian Hunter

Picture Credit: Jami Davis

Anne Sylvain by Patricia Raskin

Patricia’s line of handbags were made of high-quality leather, alligator skin, and ostrich leather. Check out the racing stripes, inspired by French racing cars.

bellevue fashion week 2012 Anne Sylvain by Patricia Raskin

Photo Credit: Jami Davis

Lizzie Parker

Lizzie had a lot of cool edgy rocker pieces. Lots of asymmetrical hemlines, rich blues and maroons.

bellevue fashion week 2012 Lizzie Parker

Photo Credit: Jami Davis

Carole McClellan by Carole McClellan

Carole’s rocker collection was the most imaginative with top hats, leather, and fur.

bellevue fashion week 2012 Carole McClellan by Carole McClellan

Photo Credit: Jami Davis

Masha Osoianu Design by Masha Osoianu

Masha’s collection had lots and lots of fringe. She used a unique knitting technique to add unique, 20′s-like fringe. This dress reminds of the the red fringe Versace dress January Jones wore to the Golden Globes 2011.

bellevue fashion week 2012 Masha Osoianu Design by Masha Osoianu

Photo Credit: Jami Davis

KateS Mensah by Kathy Sabin-Mensah

Kate showed some beautiful, feminine dresses. In a lot of the pieces, you can see the inspiration from nature like elements of flowers and trees.

bellevue fashion week 2012 KateS Mensah

Photo Credit: Jami Davis

Ampersand As Apostrophe by Jessica Park

Jessica’s leather handbags had a very “badass” feel to them. I especially liked how her bags could be unzipped to convert into different bags.

bellevue fashion week 2012 Ampersand As Apostrophe by Jessica Park

Photo Credit: Jami Davis

It was so great to meet some local designers and check out their collections. So many fun pieces that translate to the real world like Lizzie Parker’s rich maroon billowy top and  Jessica Park’s badass leather handbags. Definitely pieces I’d rock! Read my second post to Bellevue Fashion Week 2012 featuring pictures from the Posh Beauty and Trends Show. Lots of great trends for this fall and winter season. I’m excited to share my favorite looks from the show.