Barney & Friends Wear Cute Oxford Shoes

I’ll admit it. When I was younger, I used to watch “Barney and Friends,” but I didn’t like the show. In fact, I hated Barney. That great, big purple being that’s supposed to pass as a dinosaur just annoys me. From his hick-sounding laugh, to those short, flailing arms, I just don’t understand why so many children adore him.

The only times I watched the show was while I was at my grandmother’s home. It was so boring at her home that I either had to watch old Chinese movies with her (which I didn’t understand), play with the tassels on the curtains (pretend they were alive like in the “Beauty & the Beast” mansion), or watch PBS.

However, “Barney and Friends” wasn’t all bad. I learned many childhood songs and enjoyed some of the fashion styles. Yes, that’s right. I envied some of the girls on the show. They had fashion shoes that I wanted! What are those shoes you ask? The oxfords of course.

Now, oxfords are in and I’m finally able to purchase a pair of my own.
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