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a ruby avra myers pointe sweater

Meet Avra Myers from A Ruby

Hi All! I just discovered a new ready-to-wear fashion brand called A Ruby. They design chic and effortless pieces that are staple …

5 basic black pumps

5 Comfortable Black Heels

My friend texted me last week and asked, “Any recommendations for comfortable heels?” Why yes, yes I do. Black high heels are …


Rewriting Your Story

While listening to a podcast the other day, I learned the empowering concept of “rewriting your story.” You hear it all the time: Think …

j crew pattern mixing

How to Mix and Match Patterns

One of my favorite TV shows is TLC’s makeover show, “What Not to Wear.” It’s amazing to see people transform from frumpy-dumpy …


Bow Fashion: Peplum

Hey there beautiful people! Hope you all are having a wonderful week. The weather’s been random as usual in Seattle –  cloudy …

print scarf

5 Pretty Print Scarves

Summa, summa,’s feelin like SUMMA! It’s getting mighty warm and I’m lovin this sun. Summer is THE best season of the year. …