Women, Stand Up!

Plastic mannequin head with futuristic v shape

Image by Horia Varlan via Flickr

I have read graphic stories about drugs, hate, and violence, but nothing disgusts me more than stories about rape. What makes a man think that he has the right to brazenly attack a woman and abandon her to be scarred for life? What is the ugly creature that suddenly possesses a man and urges him to inflict pain on a human who is someone’s mother, daughter, or wife? Women are not objects. Women are no less than men. Women are caretakers, mountain movers, traffic stoppers, leaders, innovators, and givers. Women have the power to create life and endure pain that no man can ever experience.

We continue to break records, advance technology, and uncover truths, yet women are still oppressed. Women make only 75 cents to every man’s dollar, women are judged by their appearance before their intelligence, and women are expected to put motherhood before their careers.

I am no feminist. I have not been raped. I have not been defeated. I am strong, intelligent, and determined. I can do anything I put my mind to, and I do not appreciate being objectified, ogled, and catcalled. And I sure as hell will never let a man take advantage of me.