4th of July Outfits

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Happy 4th of July! Every time Independence Day rolls around I think of fireworks, BBQs and the American flag. Red, white and blue! Oh, and those tacky 4th of July Old Navy tees. Um, why? I mean why does Old Navy sell these themed tees? Nobody buys them. You’ll see racks of them on clearance immediately after the 4th. Well as usual, I’m thinking about some cute 4th of July outfits.

What to Wear on July 4th:

Ok, Old Navy tees are out, but there are lots of ways to dress up and be festive for the 4th.

Red, White & Blue

The easiest way is to go all out and wear all three colors of the flag.

july4th outfit2

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2 Colors

A little afraid to wear red, white and blue? Just try wearing two colors like blue and white, or red and white.

july4th outfit4

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Different Shades

My favorite outfit idea is to play with different shades in red, white and blue. This outfit with the bright cherry red and newport blue shorts is very retro. And the midnight blue and white stripped tee and heather fuchsia shorts is casual modern.




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What kind of outfits do you wear on the 4th of July?